Speaker Stands Pair - Universal 23 inch Book Shelf Speakers - Floor Tempered Glass Speaker Stands for Surround Sound Audio


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  • SPEAKER COMPATIBILITY: The TechOrbits OF-88B Speaker Stand comes in a pair of 23" high pedestals. Each one can support up to 22lbs of weight and is ideal for bookshelf speakers, satellite speakers, or a surround sound system.
  • BUILT-IN CABLE MANAGEMENT: The aluminum column has cutouts that serve as the perfect conduit to organize and conceal speaker cables and wires for a cleaner and tidier installation.
  • SOLID, TEMPERED GLASS BASE: Measuring 9.8 x 9.8", the glossy black base brings a touch of elegance to your media room or living room decor while providing a sturdy, balanced foundation that holds the weight of the speaker steadily.
  • CHOICE OF FOUNDATION: Choose between carpet spikes or rubber feet to suit your flooring. Both reduce vibrations when sound is played while ensuring that the base is planted securely without scratching your floor.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Every purchase of a TechOrbits Universal Speaker Stand comes complete with installation tools, an easy instruction guide plus our commitment to repair or replace any defective part during the life of the product.


When you’re watching a movie, you enjoy it more when you can clearly listen to the conversation or the background music being played. Every tone, every instrument or sound effect makes the audio and video come alive as if you were there.

That’s what the best sound speakers are known for – their clarity of sound immerses you and makes you a part of the experience.

The problem lies when you buy a sophisticated set of bookshelf speakers and put them on a bookshelf or console. You don’t just hear the sound of the movie – you also hear unnecessary and unwanted reflected sounds and vibrations from surrounding areas, making you disappointed at how your expensive speakers didn't live up to your expectations.


At TechOrbits, we understand that you want to see how the plot plays out in surround sound so we’ve designed a set of Speaker Stands that liberate your speakers out of the confines of your bookshelves and vibrating tabletops.

Our OF-88B Speaker Stands allow you to position your speakers and direct the audio in an area of the room where they sound best. They’re:

  • Floor-standing. Carpet spikes and rubber feet ensure that your speakers remain as still as possible without any vibrations.
  • Portable. Move them easily away from walls to avoid reflections and angle them toward you for the best sound possible.

Organize your wiring

No more messy and unsightly cables and wires. Installation is easy and neat when you insert the cables through the cutouts at the top and bottom of the aluminum column. This serves as the perfect conduit that conceals and protects electric wiring.

Stay within size limits

Make sure that your speaker is within 10kgs or 22lbs so the pedestal stand can adequately support its weight. The base of your speaker should also fit inside the 7.9” x 7.9” top plate to create a balance and prevent the stand from tipping over.

Reduce vibration

Choose between carpet spikes or rubber feet to plant your Speaker Stand securely on the floor or carpet. Both increase stability and reduce unnecessary vibrations when sound is played so you can enjoy improved audio quality while protecting your floor.