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  • COMPATIBILITY: The TechOrbits OF-M54 is an electric, motorized ceiling mount suitable for 23 to 55 inch TV screen sizes with standard VESA mount patterns 200x200, 300x300, 400x200, and 400x400. It works well on either flat, sloped or pitched ceilings.
  • SPACE SAVER: No room for a wall mount or a TV stand? The best way to maximize space is to install our ceiling TV mount where you want your TV to be displayed prominently with unobstructed viewing angles. Store the monitor by retracting it after use.
  • TV MOUNT OPERATION: An RF remote control allows you to program the electric motor to move the TV up or down smoothly. Adjust the screen level (+3° to -3°) or tilt range (0°-75°) even through walls, greater distances or without line of sight.
  • STRENGTH TESTED: The TechOrbits flip down mount has a sturdy solid steel construction that's powerful enough to carry up to 66LBS. Its keyhole bracket makes installation and height adjustment up to 4 settings quick and convenient.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Every purchase of a TechOrbits TV mounting bracket for ceilings comes complete with tools, an easy installation guide plus our commitment to repair or replace any defective part during the life of the product.


Your choice of TV screen size is as important as the TV mount behind it. With TV stands and wall mounts, the impact and excitement of the movie you’re watching is lost when:

  • Your view becomes obstructed by people or pets moving around.
  • Your attention gets distracted by items on the tabletop or art pieces on the wall.

With the TechOrbits OF-M54, your movie gets undivided attention. It’s a Ceiling TV Mount that offers unhampered, unobstructed views so you can enjoy continuous viewing pleasure without missing a scene just because your spouse reached for the popcorn. Or your kitty stretched out infront of the TV. Or both.


The OF-M54 TechOrbits Ceiling TV Mount is designed for:

  • TV Screen Sizes: 23in. to 55in.
  • VESA Mount SIzes: 200x200, 300x300, 400x200, and 400x400

Take your TV viewing to the next level with features such as:

  • Solid steel construction powerful enough to support up to 66lbs
  • Strength-tested to withstand up to 3X its weight capacity
  • Classic black finish that matches any interior

Easy mounting

The keyhole bracket allows you to install your TV as close as possible to the ceiling while hiding the screws for a cleaner look. Adjust the height to your desired setting effortlessly at any time.

Smooth movement

When flipping the TV up or down, the powerful electric motor and the balancing system work together to move up to 66lbs of weight in a continuous glide without sudden jerks.

Full control

An RF remote control operates the TV mount with programmed settings for screen level (+3° to -3°) or tilt range (0°-75°) even through walls, greater distances or without line of sight.