Glass Wall Shelf – Wall Mount Shelf For DVD Multi Media Components – Floating Entertainment Console


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  • FLOATING SHELF BRACKET: Store and display your DVD player, wifi router, cable box, video game console, blu ray or other streaming devices on this space-saving wall mount. Measuring 10"x14", it brings a sleek, clean look to your space with its slim profile.
  • TEMPERED GLASS TOP: The 5mm bevel may look light but its strength lies in its ability to lift up to 22lbs with the combined break, heat, and scratch resistance that only tempered glass can give. Its elegant black tint blends well with all interiors.
  • STEEL FRAME SUPPORT: The 2in. steel bracket is the foundation underneath the glass shelf that gives it its floating appearance. Because it's wall-mounted, it delivers safe and secure support for your home entertainment system or audio equipment.
  • QUICK INSTALLATION: The simple construction of our floating wall shelf allows you to install it with the help of the packaged tools and instruction guide within minutes, ready to display your AV equipment in no time.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Our passion for creating technology-driven products for your home and office is matched by our commitment to repair or replace any defect during the life of your component shelf. Contact us and we will gladly respond to your needs.


When you’re looking for an AV rack with a minimalist touch that matches your flat screen TV, the TechOrbits Floating Shelf Bracket is a perfect choice to store and display your:

  • DVD player
  • Blu ray player
  • Wi-fi router
  • Cable box
  • Game system
  • Audio equipment
  • Streaming devices


RESISTANT TO BREAKAGE: Tempered glass is known for its durability. It is cooled very quickly during the manufacturing process to improve its strength. If broken, the pieces don’t have the sharp edges of shards but are more like blunt pellets that keep you and your family safe from injury.

SCRATCH RESISTANT: Able to withstand everyday wear and tear, tempered glass remains free from scratches and flaws for a long time.

HEAT RESISTANT: Heat emitted from devices or the environment doesn’t cause tempered glass to shatter because it has been exposed to high temperatures during manufacturing.

Rack dimensions

Measure the device you’d like to put on the AV rack to ensure that it fits within the 10”x14” glass tabletop.

Weight capacity

Check the weight of your AV equipment. The floating glass shelf can support a total weight of up to 22lb.

Support rack

A 2” steel bracket mounts to the wall and offers secure and dependable support for a variety of AV equipment.