Adjustable Under Desk PC Stand And Computer Wall Mount - Computer Tower Case Holder with 360-degree Swivel


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  • WALL MOUNT OR DESK MOUNT OPTIONS: Secure your PC with a fixed mount either on the wall or under a computer desk or height adjustable table. This declutters your desk and floor space for easier clean-up and protects your CPU from spills, bumps, and dust.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT AND WIDTH: Whether it's a mini, midsize or full computer tower, our CPU holder has fully extendable brackets that stretch from 88mm (3.5") to 203mm (8.0") wide and 300mm (11.8") to 533mm (21.0") tall.
  • SMART SWIVEL: Tired of bending to plug into hard-to-reach ports at the back of your PC? The TechOrbits Wall Mount Bracket and Under Desk Mount features a 360° rotating plate that allows you to conveniently access all sides of your computer with just a push.
  • HEAVY WEIGHT LOAD CAPACITY: Made of durable all steel frame, our under desk or wall mount can carry up to 10kgs (22lbs) of hardware of all shapes and sizes and prevent your computer tower from toppling over in case of a strong bump or even an earthquake.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Your satisfaction is our priority so every purchase of a TechOrbits computer case holder comes complete with tools and an easy installation guide plus our commitment to repair or replace any defective part during the life of the product.


At TechOrbits, we know how important protecting your CPU is to your business. The power behind every successful operation all depends on the security of your CPU. While it has the ability to analyze complex information and run millions of tasks within seconds, everything in it can be lost instantly if your PC gets damaged.

That’s why we’ve developed heavy duty PC case holders that secure not only your hardware but your business as well.

The OF-CP6 CPU Mount is a versatile case holder for all shapes and sizes of computer towers. Install it in minutes with the help of the installation guide and tools included with every purchase.


The TechOrbits CPU Case Holder provides you with two installation options:

  1. Wall Mount Bracket
  2. Under Desk Mount

Because it’s fixed on the wall or under any standing desk, computer table or regular office desk, it guards the computer against accidental spills, bumps, and toppling over. It features:

  • Heavy Weight Capacity up to 10kgs or 22lbs
  • Durable All Steel Construction
  • Expandable Height and Depth Brackets
  • Smart Swivel up to 360⁰

Expand horizontally

Start from a mini. Convert to a mid-sized tower. Upgrade to a full tower computer case. Our adjustable bracket has a minimum depth of 88mm (3.5in.) up to a maximum of 203mm (8.0in.) so you can change your CPU without changing your case holder.

Stretch vertically

Add internal drive bays, expansion cards, and case fans to your computer tower as your business grows. The TechOrbits CPU Mount stretches from a minimum height of 300mm (11.8in.) to a maximum of 533mm (21.0in.) to adjust to your flexible needs.

Just elevate and rotate

No more crouching on the floor just to plug into hard-to-reach ports and cables at the back of your PC. The smooth 360-degree rotating plate allows you to turn the CPU Holder in any direction for unobstructed access to get work done faster and more efficiently.