Electric Standing Desk Frame 60 x 24 Inch Tabletop - Motorized Workstation Telescopic Sit Stand Height Adjustment


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  • One-Piece Tabletop: Enjoy a laminated water-resistant tabletop made of best in class MDF wood.
  • Powerful Lift System: Easily adjust the height at a speed of 1.5 inches per second with a minimum height of 28 inches & a maximum height of 48 inches
  • Digital Control Panel: Our ultra-responsive digital panel provides 4 memory height setting and anti-collision safety.
  • Quiet Motor: Equipped with a powerful motor designed to hold up to 180LB of gear while making minimal noise during height transition. You can comfortably use this electric standup desk in an open work environment, at home or in the office, without having to worry about disturbing others.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Purchase with a peace of mind knowing all components are covered for the life of the product.


Your work might be monotonous but your position doesn’t have to be. When you sit down for long stretches of time, you end up being less productive because your energy level, mood, and mental alertness decrease as the day wears on.

At TechOrbits, we believe that how you work determines how productive you are. That’s why we create products that help you do your job more efficiently with greater ease and comfort.

If you’re tired of sitting for long periods of time but don’t want to miss any work when you stretch out, you’ll love the TechOrbits Standing Desk.


Powered by electricity, our Standing Desk has a quiet motor that enables you to adjust from your normal sitting position to a standing height in seconds. It features:

  • Telescopic Legs. Expand your table height from a minimum of 63cm (24.8in.) to a maximum of 122cm (48in.).
  • Electric Lift Mechanism. The lifting column glides up or down smoothly at the rate of 30mm (1.2in.) per second.
  • Heavy Load Capacity. There’s a lot of room for up to two desktop monitors and even a laptop with extra to spare for all your work files up to a maximum of 81.6kgs (180lbs).

Damage Control

To protect the table from bumps and scratches, set the built-in sensor to a higher number to detect a solid object when the lifting column goes up or down. The higher the number, the more sensitive the sensor becomes.

Power Lift

The power underneath every TechOrbits Standing Desk is its efficient electric-powered motor. It can lift up to a maximum weight of 81.6kgs (180lbs) with minimal sound that won't disturb other people at work.

Spill and Scratch Proof

Made of laminated medium density fiberboard (MDF), the spacious 60in. x 24in. tabletop puts everything you need at arm’s length. It resists scratches and repels spills which can be easily wiped off with a dry cloth.