Small Standing Desk Height Adjustable Desk Converter Sit Stand Fully Assembled

Small Standing Desk Height Adjustable Desk Converter Sit Stand Fully Assembled
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  • Adjustable Height System: This standing workstation easily mounts on top of your desk, elevating your laptop, desktop monitor and keyboard to a height that is comfortable for stand-up typing.
  • Large Surface Area: Built to support your entire workstation, this standing desk converter offers enough surface area to comfortably hold your laptop or monitor up to 22 lbs.
  • Slim, Strong Design: For reliable safety and security, this adjustable standing desk riser is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum and a scratch-resistant finish to support your devices with ease.
  • Effortless Use: Ready for use out of the box, this slim stand up desk riser requires no additional installation. Featuring easy squeeze handles on either side, raising this desk converter is seamless.
  • Improved Posture: Avoid slumping over as you work with this standing desk converter that seamlessly raises your entire workstation to a height that is ergonomic and comfortable for your own needs.
Most sit-stand desktop workstations in the market are bulky and clunky in their appearance. Not only do these ?dinosaurs? take up an enormous amount of desktop space, they hamper the aesthetics and interior design of any home or office work environment. The Ascension Pro is the next evolutionary step in sit-stand desktop workstations. So thin and sleek it virtually melts into the desk it's sitting on. With a contemporary minimalist design and simple operation, it comes out of the box ready to use without any assembly. The durable aluminum frame provides a solid foundation for your work and the simple lift and lower mechanism is smooth to quickly adjust to your desired height. Best of all, the Ascension Pro helps you become more active and healthy while improving your productivity.