Techorbits Replacement 9.7" Touch screen Digitizer Glass for IPAD Air 2 2nd Generation With Home Button A1566 A1567 (AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon) GSM CDMA Black Repair Kit

$96.06 $73.89 (You save $22.17)
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  • Free

  • 3 Years

  • 100% Secured

  • Digitizer replacement for Ipad Air 2nd Generation with Home button with repair tools.
  • Compatible with all Ipad Air models: A1566 A1567
  • Compatible with both Broadbands GSM and CDMA, and with all carriers.
  • Package content: 1 X Digitizer replacement with Home Button and Sticky adhesive + Premium Tool Kit
  • 1 Year warranty

Whether you are a repair shop or a do it yourself hero, sourcing a good replacement screen should be the easy part. There is no worse feeling than going through the hassle of taking the phone apart, installing the new screen and putting the phone back together only to find that your new screen has a bad digitizer, lines, or dead pixels. That?s why when we assemble our screens, we only use components that are identical or extremely similar to the ones used by the original manufacturers. We want your phone to come back to its brand new condition. Like it never happened!

Disclaimer: TechOrbits Inc is not affiliated directly or indirectly with Apple. Our products are designed to replace Apple components but are not sourced through or affiliated with Apple or any of its subsidiaries. We put every effort to use the same high quality components that Apple uses. The vast majority of our replacement screens feature an LG LCD as well as the highest quality digitizer glass.