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Replacing a Cellphone or Tablet Screen Successfully

Posted by Faysal Esreb on

One of the most important parts of a tablet or phone is the screen which is also one of the most breakable. It is not unusual to see someone trying to use a phone with a large crack on the screen. A damaged screen is an eyesore and can make operating your phone difficult, if not impossible. Fortunately, unlike parts on many electronic devices which are too expensive to be worth replacing, a screen can be replaced for a reasonable price.

To replace a damaged screen, you will need a replacement screen kit. These have three parts: the LCD, a glass screen, and the digitizer. The digitizer is what picks up your finger’s touch on the screen and allows you to operate the phone or tablet. The digitizer is fused to the glass from the inside which means you can’t replace the glass without also replacing the digitizer and vice versa. The digitizer and glass are then attached to the LCD. The glass screen and digitizer are designed this way because early touchscreen phones were damaged by dust or small particles that got between the glass screen and digitizer. The digitizer’s sensitivity makes it essential to install a high quality replacement because cheaper ones are not as responsive to the human touch as the original.

Much like with cheaper digitizers, it is important to note that inexpensive replacement kits use lower quality glass which unsurprisingly is much more likely to break and does not feel like the glass that came with your phone.

In addition, you can also find cheaper LCDs in the market, however, many of them come with defects. You could experience problems like having dead pixels in the screen upon installation (black spots that do not show anything on the screen) and a backlight which turns on, but nothing appears on the LCD screen making your phone or tablet impossible to use.

Flex cables quality and construction is also a factor in the price of replacement kit. If low-quality flex cables are used, you will most likely see lines in the screen. If the replacement assembly is poorly constructed, the back of your phone can fall off leaving the LCD exposed. In addition, there is the risk of becoming frustrated or dissatisfied with your purchase of a replacement kit if you are unable to replace the screen. In fact, all you need to do is look for customer reviews of the cheaper options and see many people giving negative feedback and bad product reviews to these kits because their phone is not restored to factory condition or a problem has occurred a few days or weeks after they installed it.

The price and quality of screen replacement kits can vary widely. High quality kits range from $40-200 depending on the make and model of your phone or tablet. Cheap screen replacement kits often come with little to no instructions which means an unexperienced person would have to look for repair guides online. There are many guides including step-by-step flowcharts and video tutorials, but finding a good one is not easy. More importantly, if you install the screen incorrectly, you could damage the cables which causes lines in the screen, which are is annoying, and hinder your ability to see what you are doing while using your phone or tablet.

If your phone or tablet’s screen is malfunctioning, there are a number of options for how to repair it, but purchasing and installing a high quality screen replacement kit offers the most advantages. New, high quality screens will last longer than their cheaper counterparts and will also ensure your phone looks and feels like it never happened!

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