Matte or Glossy. That is The Question.

Posted by Fadi Assaf on 17th Jul 2015

Is the finish type of my laptop screen matte or glossy? This is a common question and I will guide you on how to differentiate the two. To start with, I will give you a simple and easy way of differentiating the two types of finishes. Simply look at the screen of your laptop and if you can see your image then your screen is glossy. In case you get a plain shade, this is an indication that the screen of your laptop has a matte finish. You should use this test when the laptop is not powered.


In most cases, users have the option of selecting the screen finish of their choice. Depending on your preference and taste you can either go for a glossy or matte finish. The good thing with the screen finish is the fact that it does not have any compatibility issues. Furthermore, the finish type does not interfere with the functionalities of your laptop.

And what do I do in case my laptop was shipped with a different screen finish from my preferred one? If that is the case, you can decide to switch from one finish type to another. There are many sites that offer screens and you can change to suit your preferences.

Apart from tastes and preferences, your application may also influence the decision to change from one finish type to another. For instance, glossy screens offer a reflective finish that has more vivid colors and it is ideal for multimedia uses. A glossy screen is a perfect choice for gaming, viewing photos, and watching videos. The reflectivity of matte screens is lower as compared to that of glossy screens. Matte screens are suitable for laptops that are used in brighter places such as classrooms, offices, and outside settings.

Most consumer-line laptops are fitted with glossy screens. Laptops in this category include Toshiba satellite, HP Pavilion, and Dell Inspiron. On the other hand, most business-line laptops come with matte screens. Laptops in this class include Toshiba Portege, HP Presario, and Dell Latitude. The screen type also varies from one model to another.

To avoid confusion, it is important to note that laptop manufacturers have unique names for their laptop screen types. The following list gives some of the coined names used by different manufacturers for their glossy screens: Acer- CrystalBrite; Ahtec- Glare; ASUS- Colorshine; Dell- Truelife; Fujistu- Superfine, CrystalView; Compaq-BrightView, LG- FineBrite; Lenovo- VibrantView; Sony- XBRITE, ClearBright, X-black; Gateway- UltraBrite; and Acorn- Vybrio.


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