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​How to check your laptop screen resolution

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How to check the resolution of your screen

Are you planning to order an LCD screen for your laptop or tablet? Do you know what you should consider before ordering one? The most important factors to consider include the following: size of the screen, resolution, and the back light type. Once you purchase a screen, you cannot adjust the size and its back light type. However, you can change its resolution to suit your needs. For now, I will guide you through the process of checking the resolution of your screen.


So, what is screen resolution? In a simple language, the resolution of a screen refers to its number of pixels. To put it in a clearer way, consider a laptop screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768. This screen has 1366 pixels in the vertical axis and 768 pixels in the horizontal axis. Each image is composed of pixels and the larger the number a screen has the more detailed an image will be.

High resolution screens provide high clarity and they are popular for gaming and graphic design. Although some laptops are not designed to allow resolution adjustments, many allow users to upgrade their resolutions. Before making the decision to adjust the resolution of your LCD screen, you should consider your connection cable and the video card to avoid compatibility issues. Most high resolution applications use dual- channel cables while most low resolution applications use single-channel cables.

So, how do you check the resolution of your screen? To start with, we will assume that your screen is displaying properly and then we will consider a situation where the screen has issues.

Method 1:

Please disconnect external displays from your laptop. Then go to and you will get the resolution of your screen. This method is ideal for screens that are set to the highest resolution. Alternatively, you can try method 2 if your computer is running on windows.

Method 2:

You can find the resolution of your screen by right clicking on your desktop and then going to Display Properties. The resolution of your screen is simply the highest resolution setting provided on the resolution drop-down menu.

If your screen is having issues and you cannot use either of the above methods, you can find the resolution of your screen by using the following methods:

Method 3:

You can easily find the screen resolution of your laptop on its user’s manual or on its original box. Alternatively, you can check if the resolution is indicated on the display.

Method 4:

Most screen manufacturers indicate the model number of their product on the screen. If you can’t locate this model number, remove the LCD from the laptop and record the model number. Search the model number in the manufacturer’s website and you will easily get the specification details of your screen.


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